How It Works

1. Meeting


We’ll meet to discuss your branding goals, web design concepts, content, and vision for your digital strategy.

2. Digital Strategy

We craft a personalized digital strategy to reach your target audience effectively and outline the process and timeline you can expect.

3. Design

We design a landing page for your website and run it by you for approval, making sure it fits your vision and branding.

4. Publish

Once your website is fully designed, developed, and filled with content, it will be submitted to you for approval and then go live.

5. Manage

After your website is operational, we continue to manage and monitor its performance. This includes system updates, backups, and unlimited redesign and content edits.

6. Monthly Report

We curate relevant SEO content that will raise your Google rankings and ensure you are found by potential leads. We continue to monitor your ranking and send you monthly reports on your website performance.