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Branding Strategy 101

Discovering your business’ brand can be a lot like wading through an ocean of seaweed. The view is beautiful, but the incessant amount of ideas to wade through can make you feel tangled up and frustrated. 

However, creating your brand strategy doesn’t have to be complicated and frustrating. You and your business are one-of-a-kind and you have something unique to say and offer your clients. You just might not know it yet. Understanding WHO you are is the first step to achieving a brand strategy that will propel your business forward and set you apart from the crowd.

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself when developing your own branding campaign.

What’s Your Story?

Where did you come from? What got you to where you are now? What struggles did you encounter along the way? People and businesses all have a story, a narrative of who they are and how they became that way. Slow down and stop looking at where you want to go long enough to see who you’ve already become. This is the launching point of your future. Many people consider their history insignificant and familiar, but it is these stories that captivate and draw attention.

Perhaps you started a contracting business because of your experience as a contractor. Tell that story! Or maybe you are a medical professional who specializes in spinal surgeries. What drew you to that field? What have you experienced along the way. These histories will drive your branding story’s direction and craft a unique statement about what makes you uniquely you.

What’s Your Vision?

As important as knowing where you came from is knowing where you are going. A clear vision will guide future marketing and branding decisions, ensuring that you stay on the right path. A vision paints a picture for people looking at your company to know who you are and who you will become. 

What’s Your Struggle?

While many branding strategies focus only on the polished parts of a business, laying out the struggle you’ve overcome can help to separate you from the crowd. A story of overcoming difficult obstacles is a timeless classic that compels people’s interest. A business is no different, despite some common misconceptions. If your audience can connect to how you’ve overcome your own business challenges and struggles, they will gravitate towards you above other alternatives. Perhaps you had to quit your job and work 90 hour weeks to get your business off the ground - use that to highlight your commitment and work ethic. Or maybe your business struggled financially for a season - talk about the ways your team pulled together to overcome. Highlight the beautiful and the strong in the midst of challenge and your audience will cheer you on as well.

Who’s Your Audience?

Knowing who your audience is another key facet to branding. In any conversation, knowing the person you are talking to helps you determine what to say. It is imperative that you know your audience so that you can speak to them. Demographic research can help with this, but ultimately, an element of instinct and intuitiveness is required to understand the “Who” behind your brand. Express yourself, but keep in mind that you are expressing to someone. Real people watching what you say and do. Make sure you communicate in a way they will understand and resonate with.

Web & Brand Solutions

Web and Brand Solutions is a Fort Wayne web design company that works with clients across the United States. We offer extensive branding services to help you clarify and define your brand in a way that your audience will understand and relate to. Your brand speaks volumes about who you are and we help you discover these hidden stories in your business that you might not realize are there. 

From initial branding strategies to exceptional web design, we walk with you through each step of the process to craft a cohesive story that will help you reach your target audience. We don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all approach to your web strategy, which is why we work closely with you to develop, test, and implement something that enhances your digital presence. 

Whether you are looking for a brand refresh or total makeover, we can help you define and create a brand story that will help you stand out to the people you want to reach. We’d love to start a conversation about your brand story and how Web and Brand Solutions can help you in the journey to create a compelling brand story.

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